• 4/26/2017

    Reichardt Guitars is now offering headless options in 6,7 and 8-strings guitars!! There will be several more stock headless guitars coming this year.

    If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area the weekend of May 5th, stop by the Dallas International Guitar Festival. Reichardt Guitars will have a booth and be showing and discussing guitars!!

  • Reichardt Guitars Holiday Sale!!!

    Reichardt Guitars is having a Holiday Sale!! 5 Guitars are on eBay right now and 4 of those guitars are on Sale!!

    Koa And White Limba 7-String US $1899.99 Special Sale!!
    Claro Walnut and Plum Pudding Sapele 7-String US $1499.99 Special Sale!!
    Plum Pudding Mahogany Black Limba 8-String US $1899.99 Special Sale!!
    Australian Leopard Wood 8-String US $1599.99 Special Sale!!

    These prices are good through the end of December!!

    Also up on eBay is the new 7-String Ebony "Moonscape" Guitar with an incredible Pale Moon Ebony Fretboard!! Check out the spec on the 7-String page.

    Happy Holidays

  • August 2016

    Several new 8-String have been recently added to the website, as well as an incredible Koa and White limba Burst 7-string. Also, coming along in the build process are 7 and 8-string Ebony top guitars. Extended range of course (27''). Check out the "On The Bench" page for some pics!!

  • 9/2015 New 8-String Guitars!!!

    Two new eight strings have been added to the website!! After much searching I finally found an incredibly figured Plum Pudding Mahogany guitar billet. The plum pudding figure in Mahogany is incredibly rare and it was only blind luck that I was able to find it. This 8-string has it all, the top, the black limba body, the quartersawn figured Bubinga neck, and the flamed Ebony Fretboard. And to top it off, a calibrated BareKnuckle Aftermath Pickup Set. This is truly a one of a kind 8-String guitar.

    The second 8-string added has a fantastic quartersawn Padauk top and a figured matching Padauk Fretboard. With an incredible Black Limba body and the quartersawn Wenge neck, you can't help love this instrument for its shear beauty and its fantastic play-ability and sound.

  • Lots of Things are Happening!!

    Lots of new images have been added to the "On the bench" page, including a lot of the figured wood that will be in some of the upcoming builds!!

    There are going to be two new 8-string guitars added to the "In Stock Guitars" page here in the coming weeks. Both are incredible 8-string guitars with hand picked timber. There will be one 7-string guitar added as well.

  • 4/8/2015: New 8-Strings Added to In-Stock Gallery

    Three new 8-strings have been added to the gallery. Incredible sounding, playing and an attention to detail that is unsurpassed by anything the main stream has to offer. I've added some interesting stories about the woods that I've used in the builds as well.

    I've added some interesting things too the "On the Bench". Check out the incredible mahogany that is coming up to be resawed for tops and body blanks!!

  • New 8-String!!

    The last 8-string of the year is up on the website and its a brutal machine!! The woods used in this build are exceptional, with pickups to match and an incredible finish. One thing that really pushed me on this build was the one of a kind Flamed Ebony fretboard. I came across a billet of this ebony and saw the figure in it when it was rough sawn. I had no idea it had such incredible figure and it was a joy to build with.

    The coming year is going to full of 8-string, as well as a few 7-strings. There will be several maple, redwood, walnut, and ebony tops as well as an incredible wood called Pyinma (amazing 3d Curls). As always they will all have incredible figure and top notch electronics!! Stay tuned for your chance at these coming guitars!!

  • New Asain Ebony 7-String Added!!!!

    A third Ebony guitar has recently been added to the website!! The body is a one piece black limba body that is super variegated and resonates like a bell. The laminate in-between the body and the figured Asian Ebony top is flamed Mahogany. Built with classic inspired front body carves, back comfort carves and extended horns to give extra comfort for the extended nature of the 7-string neck. The Quartersawn Madagascar Rosewood (Madagascar Rosewood is about the nearest Rosewood you can get to Brazilian these days!!) neck adds warmth to the guitar with a Quartersawn Asian Ebony Fretboard that mirrors the body. Throw in a Bareknuckle Calibrated Nailbombs pickup set and you have one insane metal instrument that can do anything you want it to. US Sales only.

    In the coming months there will be several new guitars added to the website. One will be a Curly Redwood 7-string with a high gloss Nitrocellulose Finish and a 5A Flamed Honduran mahogany guitar with a beautiful Nitrocellulose Satin Finish. Check the "On the bench" page for some progress pictures!!

    On another note... It has come to my attention that there are some webpages out there that are sporting my guitars with incorrect prices on them. I am not associated with these pages and do not indorse them. Only prices quoted by me personally, on this website, and on ebay(I will sometimes sell guitars on ebay) will be honored.